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How do I order?

There are three ways to order:

Through website: The website lets you fully customise your meals as well as suggests your calorie and macro-nutrient needs based on your body metrics. It is very simple. Just click on ‘customise’ on the homepage menu and it will take you through the steps. If you get stuck, please use the chat window or simply call us and we will customise your plan and send you your cart to make the payment.

Over the phone: Talk to one of our consultants and we will customise your meal plan by taking vital information from you. We will then email your cart to make the payment.

At our office: This is the most recommended method. Make an appointment to meet our nutritionist and we will do a consultation, body composition analysis and customise your meal plan at our office.

How soon can my subscription start?

Ans: Allow us 2 days to start delivering food.

Is Dieture Halal?

Ans: Yes. All ingredients used in Dieture is halal making it fully ‘halal’.

Is the delivery free?

Ans: Yes. The delivery is free of cost.

Is the delivery 24/7?

Ans: No. You are given an estimated time of delivery and all five meals are delivered in a single box, packed in microwavable containers and refrigerated.

Is there any self-collection available?

Ans: If you wish to collect the food by yourself, please inform us in advance and we will store it at our office in Abu Hamour.

Can I unsubscribe mid subscription?

No. But you can freeze it. The subscription is non-refundable.

Can I change the delivery address of my orders?

Yes you can.

Can I change my nutrition requirements?

Yes. As long as it meets our system and calories. We will make financial adjustments as well accordingly.

Will my nutrition requirement be updated?

Yes. Based on your body composition tests, consultation or you letting us know aboout your progress.

Can I cancel/ make changes to my orders?

You cannot cancel. But if you wish to change the allergies or dislikes, it will take efect in 48 hours.

Can I request for/ makes changes to a specific timing for my order?

Not applicable.

What happens if a customer is not contactable during a delivery timing?

We will take the box to our office in Abu Hamour after the driver finishes all other scheduled deliveries. It must be collected from there within the same day.

Can I buy only one meal?

Not at the moment. We will be coming with this option soon.

Can I track my delivery?


How do I make the payment?

Four methods:

On our website using debit or credit card
Call our office with your credit card
Pay at our office by cash or card
Our drivers can collect cash from you

How is Dieture different from other nutrition centers?

What makes Dieture the best?



Healthy ingredients

Free Delivery


Allergies and dislikes based customisation


Protein, carbohydrates and fat based customisation

Calorie customised to individual goals and body composition

Fully comprehensive labelling

Online plan management system

Consultation and body composition test



Production & product development

JW Marriott CCD

Catering kitchen


per month

per month

What is Dieture?

Dieture is the only five-star healthy food subscription service in Qatar. Our dishes are individually customized to your needs and delivered to your doorstep. We want you to eat healthy, but not at the cost of compromising taste or quality of life.

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Our consultants will call you back and help you through the sign up process. It is simpler than making a cup of coffee!

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What are the plans?

A fully customized wholistic meal program that is calorie measured to your body composition, fitness and nutrition goals. We take all dietary needs, allergies and dislikes into account while designing your package.

5 meals a day, 6 days a week.
Daily delivery from Saturday to Thursday.
Qar 3299 per month.

A fully customized Ketogenic meal program that is calorie measured to your body composition, fitness and nutrition goals. Ketogenic meals are high in fat, moderate in protein and 25g or below in carbohydrates.

5 meals a day, 6 days a week.
Daily delivery from Saturday to Thursday.
Qar 3999 per month.

A fully customized meal program for the serious fitness enthusiasts that manage food based on their Macro Nutrient needs. The portions are measured based on the protein, carbohydrates and fat needs of the individual, calculated based on your body composition, fitness training and nutrition goals.

5 meals a day, 6 days a week.
Daily delivery from Saturday to Thursday.
Qar 3999 per month.